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vbs liability waiver 2018

Purpose Church VBS Liability Waiver 2018 


As the parent or legal guardian of







I hereby give permission for my child to participate in the Purpose Church VBS Program. I understand that Purpose Church is a nonprofit charitable institution, which is voluntarily presenting this program for my child, other participants, and the community. I also understand that the program has activities that can involve physical contact with other participants, the ground or equipment, and that there is a resulting risk of physical injury to my child.


I have explained these risks and the benefits of participating in this program to my child and my child is in proper physical condition and has no existing injuries or conditions that could jeopardize his/her safety or health, or the safety or health of the other participants.


Additionally, I recognize that every effort has been made to accommodate any food allergies I have reported for my child during snack at VBS and that they will be handled to the best of the abilities of the volunteers and staff of Purpose Church VBS and that all reasonable precautions will be taken to avoid allergen contaminants in food my child consumes from Purpose Church.  I will not hold Purpose Church, their volunteers, or staff responsible for any contact or injury from food allergens, up to and including those resulting in death, that may be caused by my child receiving or consuming any food that comes from VBS.


I therefore release and discharge all liability for any harm or injury suffered directly or indirectly as a result of my child's participation in Purpose Church VBS Program, whether or not resulting from negligence, and I agree not to sue Purpose Church, its representatives, staff, or volunteers on any such claim. I also give permission for the staff, representative, or volunteers of Purpose Church to administer first aid or to seek medical care for my child during my child's participation in the program, including transportation of my child to a medical facility for additional treatment that appears necessary.


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